A frame of mind


Innovation creates value and it contributes to manufacturing sustainability and renewal, thus making it possible to improve existing products on the market and anticipate the requirements of our customers. This process of continual dynamism encourages us to try to be as successful as possible at all levels so that we can do our best for our customers.


Innovation requires a frame of mind: Boldness, Vision, Creativity and Confidence in the future, also means being able to listen to our customers and consumers to meet their expectations.


Research is at the heart of our business

With intensifying competition, R&D is a bigger challenge than ever before. Whether it’s designing new products, developing technologies, improving manufacturing processes or optimising quality, R&D is at the heart of our business.


In 2006 Sparflex incorporated production of Complex, the main material used for manufacturing foils and capsules. The group is now completely independent and Sparflex supplies all of its subsidiaries across the world. It has the facilities without which the technologies Absolute Green Line, Creative Digital, Touch Line and Soft Line would not exist, and without which the Easy Dizy opening systems would not work as effectively as customers have come to expect.


Vintacap benefits from the Sparflex R&D unit’s innovations and technologies, adapted to the needs of its local customers.


You have the idea, we have the tools.


Our teams can help you produce your packaging. Straight, pointed, or medallion-shaped cut-outs, heat stamping, personalised embossing… the only limit is your imagination!


The Group’s expertise at your service

Come and create your customised hue with our experts and colourist technicians in the heart of our color lab.


Vintacap provides various cutting-edge production and monitoring tools which can be used for color-matching, precise referencing and the perfect reproduction of hues when varnishing your foils or capsules.


We guarantee you stable, environmentally-friendly hues which provide good coverage.

Customer Service/

At your service

Customers are the focus of our concerns and our Sales Administration department works day in, day out to satisfy them. The Assistants take and follow-up orders, as well as specific requests from our clients in close collaboration with the sales representatives in the field and the Sales department.


The Sales Administration department is a genuine customer service department and the essential interface between the company’s and the client’s various departments. Its aim is “to be available for the client and make sure we have the right information at the right time to meet their needs” so as to form a close relationship.