Presentation / History/

Vintacap is based in the heart of Catalonia (Spain) and assists its local customers by designing, producing and marketing information-based and image-based materials to be used on packaging for Sparkling wines (foils and wire hoods).


The expertise of its teams, the quality of its products and the flexibility of its industrial facilities make Vintacap the ideal partner for Wineries.


Vintacap has been a subsidiary of Sparflex since 2010 and has benefited from the Group’s Experience and Innovations : Sparlux, Absolute Green Line, Creative Digital, Customized wire hoods. We keep an eye on changing trends and our knowledge of markets enables us to offer a turnkey product range which is sophisticated and has higher standards of quality.

Our vision / Our mission/

The development of new consumption patterns and the arrival of younger consumers has had an impact on the world of sparkling wines. These new consumers seek novelties: new tastes, new sensations and new packaging. Their consumption is based around identity-focused, symbolic or ethical products.


Because we know the challenges of the consumer-brand relationship, and because these new consumers deserve special attention, we can offer you functional, personalised and quality solutions to win them over and gain their loyalty.


Our mission is to help you in your quest to stand out and create value, while offering a fast, reliable and accessible service at the same time.

Human Resources / The Expertise/

Vintacap relies on a team of experts. Its commercial presence has been significantly strengthened since it joined the Sparflex group. Since it was created, Sparflex has been able to bring together and consolidate human expertise which is now maintained within the same business culture and the joint mission “to be attentive and proactive in order to assist our customers with their own value creation“.


Every day this human capital contributes to enriching and maintaining the quality of all of our products.


It is the group’s expertise and passion for the business that we offer our customers in markets which we know are demanding both in terms of quality and responsiveness. Vintacap’s industrial facilities are continually evolving to guarantee our customers Flexibility, Reliability, Responsiveness, and Quality.


We now have a range of human and industrial expertise that work on each day and which is focused on 3 major areas: listening to customers, consumer satisfaction and product innovation.