Over the years, just like the great Sparkling Wines, the packaging has become increasingly sophisticated and elegant.


Premium foils can be personalised. Vintacap offers you a quality product with several possible finishes for packaging which suits you.


With a printed paper top disc, the Premium foil can be personalised with heat stamping, interior varnish, 4-color printing, cut-outs, integrated decorative neck band label, etc.


The foils are made with a complex material (a combination of aluminium and polyethylene) and protect the cork and provide the consumer with a guarantee that the product is intact.

Green Line/

The first eco-designed foil

At Vintacap we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by producing capsules which are more environmentally friendly. It is a priority that we share with our customers.


Green Line is the first generation of foils which are more environmentally friendly and are a product of the culture of continuous progress within the group. The investments in R&D have enabled us to remove the organic solvents in the manufacturing of our complex material (without using glue) and to use water-based inks instead of the solvent-based inks used traditionally.

Absolute Green Line/

Naturally essential

Absolute Green Line is the new generation of eco-designed foils and the most accomplished version so far. The Absolute Green Line foil is made from biopolyethylene (derived from sugar cane) and water-based inks, renewable materials which replace the petroleum-based polyethylene and solvent-based inks used for standard foils.

Touch Line/

Awakening the senses

The foil is made of textured aluminium complex and adds a sensual finish that plays on the light and maintains an excellent texture once fitted on the bottle. Touch line offers a visual and tactile aspect that ensures that your packaging is highly attractive.

Creative Digital/

Sparflex technology available in Vintacap

The digital printing technology Creative Digital offers high quality printing, intense colors and reproducibility of even the most elaborate designs to make your foils a unique product.


Sparflex technology available in Vintacap


The Sparlux foil is a product which is suited to brands seeking a high degree of personalisation and exceptional packaging. Made with thick complex material, this high-end foil has a rigid aluminium top disc which eliminates any unsightly creases on the top disc.


Several qualities and finishes on the top disc and skirt are available on request from our teams.