The tailored wire hood/

Le Muselet Valentin know-how


The wire hood was originally created to address the technical constraints of champagne packaging, when corks were popping from the pressure of the carbon dioxide in the bottles. In 1844, Adolphe Jacquesson (a Champagne trader) filed a patent to insert a layer of tin plate between the cork and the hemp twine. The wire hood evolved over the course of the 20th century to ensure that the cork was continually held in place better. It was at the instigation of the Champagne houses and as a result of the first automatic machines in the 1960s that the wire hood as it is known today made its first appearance.


The wire hood has now become a genuine collector’s item for connoisseurs and a communication tool for brands. With customised manufacturing, the wire hoods are personalised according to the different printing techniques (pad printing, offset, digital), colored wire, stamping…, etc., which make for a unique and identity-focused product.


Vintacap also offers standards wire hoods. Adaptability, Responsiveness and Innovation are offered to our customers to create a wire hood which suits them.